Apple Certified Refurbished iPad mini Review

If the iPad mini’s relatively high price is holding you back from purchasing one, maybe you should consider an Apple Certified Refurbished iPad mini.

Here’s how retail prices compare to refurbished:

Wifi only
Memory Retail  Refurb  Savings
16GB        $329     $279      $50
32GB        $429     $359      $70
64GB        $529     $439      $90

Wifi + cellular
Memory Retail  Refurb  Savings
16GB        $459     $389      $70
32GB        $559     $469      $90
64GB        $659     $549      $110

Refurbished iPads arrive in boxes that resemble retail packaging.  The only notable difference is the absence of the picture on the lid. Other than that, everything else is identical. My iPad came wrapped in cellophane and when I removed it, the tablet did not have a scratch, a fingerprint, or even a speck of dust.
That’s because Apple tests and certifies all refurbished products. All refurbished iPads include a brand new battery and outer shell. They also include a 1-year warranty and you have the option of purchasing an AppleCare Protection Plan.

I have the 16GB wifi + cellular model. I chose the white & silver version because finger prints and scratches appear to show up more on the black & slate version. The natural aluminum back still picks up finger prints, but they’re not as visible.

The ipad mini is well designed and feels solid but light. The volume buttons are on the right side with nothing opposite them on the left. That’s an important design element for me, because I hate accidentally putting a device to sleep when I’m trying adjust the volume with one hand. The sim tray is also on the right side with the lightning port and speakers along the bottom.

I use the switch above the volume buttons as a mute switch, however, in settings you can change it to a rotation lock.

On a Nexus 7, the power button is Above the volume rocker so I frequently turn the tablet off when I’m trying to adjust the volume. I like the placement of the power button on iPads…up top & out of the way.

I’m not an audiophile, but the sound seems sufficient. I do prefer headphones when watching videos, but earbuds are not included with iPads, so I use the ones that came with my iPhone 5 and they sound great.

The iPad 2 and iPhone 4 charge via a 30-pin connector where orientation matters, while the iPad mini and iPhone 5 use the new Lightning connector. Unlike the original charger, the lightning connector works regardless of direction.  The iPad mini comes with an  iPhone style  power brick.

When I was researching the iPad mini, I was concerned that the screen would feel cramped. Many of the apps I use have an iPad version and a version optimized for the iPhone. But when I’m forced to use productivity apps on my iPhone, I’m usually left annoyed at the lack of space and wishing I had my iPad. I don’t get that claustrophobic feeling when working on the iPad mini. The experience of using an app on the iPad mini is identical to the experience I had using an iPad 2 – I don’t even think about the missing space so, I can stay focused on my work.

This is what editing a document looks like in Pages on an iPhone 5.
iPhone doc

This is what the same document looks like in Pages on the iPad mini.
iPad doc
The iPad mini and the iPad 2 have the same resolution screens – therefore, both displays contain the same number of pixels. However, since the iPad mini’s screen is smaller, it has a higher pixel density and in theory a sharper display. In my experience, I haven’t noticed a difference between the two – I’ve been equally satisfied with both. I have to note, though, some people have expressed strong opinions about the lack of retina displays in the iPad mini. If you have the opportunity, check one out in person and see if the ‘less than retina’ display will be an issue.

So far, I don’t have anything bad to say about the iPad mini. I really liked my iPad 2, and the iPad mini is all the good things about the full size iPad, wrapped up in a more portable package.


2 responses to “Apple Certified Refurbished iPad mini Review

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    Hello Gadgetstop321,
    On a similar note, If you program to use your iPad to stream flicks, play online games or pay attention to tunes continually, battery lifestyle could be shortened appreciably, launching and employing applications is mostly the same, even though there will be some new points to learn, you can now swipe up from the base of the display screen to summon Management Centre a handy panel that gives you obtain to quite a few of your most normally employed program features, you can find one more new swipe from the still left edge gesture that indicates go up a level when you’re in Mail, but, as Apple’s iOS 7 is like obtaining a new telephone, but a single you presently know how to use. If you’ve at any time grumbled when navigating three amounts deep into Configurations to convert off Bluetooth, you’re heading to really like the Handle Center This new panel, which you can open anywhere in iOS by swiping up from the bottom of the display, will give you uncomplicated access to popular configurations, which includes Wi-Fi and AirPlay. There are also media playback controls, and icons at the base enable you to start frequently used applications and utilities, you can flip on the iPhone’s digicam flash to use as a torch, or open the Clock or Digital camera applications but it really is not to be puzzled with Notification Middle.

    A person way to lengthen the lifetime of your battery cost is to regulate the screen brightness, apple’s internet browser which the enterprise likes to position out is the most employed browser for cellular units has some new tricks up its sleeve in iOS7, there’s an solely new minimalist interface, the lookup and URL fields have been merged into a person, which will now recommend URLs, bookmarks and research success as you type, in addition, your favorites are promptly and easily available from that display, permitting you a single touch access to your bookmarked web pages and the interface will vanish into the history as you scroll, offering you even additional space with which to perspective your written content, a new tab interface allows you scroll extra speedily through open webpages and continue scrolling down to iCloud Tabs there are also the similar ongoing scrolling Reading through List and Shared One-way links features that will look in OS X Mavericks and iCloud Keychain, a new characteristic that syncs your passwords amongst your gadgets and even aids you generate new passwords, ought to get the job done seamlessly with Safari.

    You will probably come across that you do not need to have to use the brightest probable location to delight in your iPad, you can continue to change applications by double clicking the Property button, but the interface for doing so has changed, it now resembles the previous interface for switching pages in Safari on iOS 6 and before, w in this article you see a thumbnail of the page, a row of app icons still appears underneath, and you can swipe again and forth to discover the app you’re seeking for force quitting applications is a small distinct, nevertheless alternatively of tapping and holding on the icon, you flick a thumbnail up to dismiss it, guiding the scenes, there are other much more sizeable variations.
    All the Best

  • Michael Hill

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