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Sony Vaio E11 Ultraportable Laptop Review


The Sony Vaio E11 falls into the ultraportable category which means it’s more capable than a netbook, yet not quite up to the standards of an ultrabook.

Netbooks typically have 10.1″ screens, traditional spinning hard drives, are powered by Intel Atom processors, and are housed in 1+ inch thick, plastic bodies. As a result, netbooks are slow, but affordable computers.

At the other end of the laptop spectrum you have ultrabooks (think MacBook Air). These laptops typically have 13″ screens, SSD drives, are powered by Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processors, and are housed in attractive metal bodies that are less than half an inch thick. Ultrabooks are fast, expensive laptops.

The Sony E11 is a nice compromise. This ultraportable has an 11.6″ screen, a traditional spinning HD, and is powered by a dual core AMD processor. The plastic body is nearly an inch thick, but Sony’s clever design masks the thickness. Here is a complete list of specs.

What I like about the Sony Vaio E11:
-adequate processor
-large HD

What I don’t like about the Sony Vaio E11:
-trackpad lacks responsiveness
-fan noise
-cheap, plastic feel
-battery life (3-5 hrs)
These negative points may be deal breakers for some, but they were acceptable compromises for me.

Check out my video review.