Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Good Old Days…


Back in the old days (the 90s) I had some of the first Palm devices.  I had a Palm Personal, and later a Palm V.  Then several years later I bought a Palm T|X just as they were being discontinued.
These are the reasons I’ve always loved Palm devices:
•I like using a stylus to input data.
•I also like Graffiti handwriting recognition.
•I enjoy loading up the devices with useful software.
•I appreciate anything that helps me stay organized.

My first three devices were somewhat state of the art so I paid a hefty price for each.  But my latest acquisition – a used Palm Tungsten E2 – was the cheapest and my favorite ($20 on eBay).

A used Palm device still makes a great organizational tool for people without a smartphone. However, make sure that you do your research and get a device with nonvolatile memory.  This will ensure that you won’t lose all your information if the battery dies.

I’ve noticed lately that sellers on eBay are asking crazy high prices for PDAs. Just be patient, there are good deals out there.