New Gadget On The Way…

Palm Tungsten E2 (Beautiful)

…OK, so it’s not exactly new.  It’s a Palm Tungsten E2, and I am so anxious for it to arrive!

The original Palm Pilot was the first gadget that I was truly (clinically) addicted to.  I spent nearly every waking hour poking around at that thing – much like today’s teens and their cell phones.

Palm Pilot (So cool!)

My first palm device met an untimely end when I left it
in my sub freezing automobile for an entire school day. It did not survive the torture test.

The broken Palm Pilot was eventually replaced by the Palm V.  I liked the rechargeable battery, metal case, increased memory, and backlight.  The Palm V was my first eBook reader.  I didn’t like the design though…thought it was ugly.

Palm V (Ugly)

The not so attractive Palm V got replaced by a smartphone. However, the handsome Palm T|X persuaded me to trade my smartphone for a dumb phone and return to my beloved brand of PDA.

Palm T|X (Attractive!)

The Palm T|X was the opposite of the Palm V – it had an attractive design, but the hardware just didn’t function up to par.  My main issue was the display – the digitizer was junk. I sold the Palm T|X on eBay and got an iPhone, Palm went bye-bye, and I thought PDAs were a thing of the past…until this weekend.

NEC Mobilepro 900 (It costs how much?)

I got a little case of gadget fever, so I started browsing eBay for inexpensive gadgets.  I looked at the NEC Mobilepro 900…I always wanted one of those, but it was too expensive (still not cheap!).  Then I caught myself looking at the Palm devices and reminiscing.  I did a little research and found that replacing the junky plastic digitizer with a higher quality glass one was something I could do.  I bid $26 on a T|X and lost it in the last second.

I went back and did a little more research.  The Palm Tungsten E2 has the same shape as the T|X (which I love),  but with a shiny chrome finish…nice.  It has an old style graffiti area, compared to the T|X graffiti area that would hide when not in use.  I didn’t have any trouble with the displays of my older Palms…good.  The E2 has Bluetooth but no WiFi… good for battery life.

My $20 E2 (I hope it works)

So, I went back to eBay and searched for an E2.  I found one for $15 + $5 shipping and got it.  Now I’m waiting for delivery.  While I wait, I’m searching for some apps.  I think I’ll even do an unboxing.  This is so much fun!


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