My Nexus 7 Is On The Way!

I pre-ordered Google’s new 7″ tablet, called the Nexus 7, from Google Play.  It should arrive in 2-3 weeks (July 16-20?).

Earlier this summer I almost bought an iPad 2 (again).  I heard rumors that Microsoft was making an Office app for the iPad and I got iPad fever. Unfortunately, it was just a rumor.  MS has their own tablet in the works, and they’re hinting that the “Pro” model could cost as much as an ultrabook laptop…I’m not interested.

However, on June 27 at Google I/O developers’s conference, Hugo Barra announced the Nexus 7…starting at $200…I’m interested!  So I started comparing the Nexus 7 to the iPad:

Exterior Design:  The Nexus 7’s display is made of a scratch resistant Corning Glass instead of Gorilla Glass like the iPad.  I don’t know what that means in terms of durability if dropped, so I’m glad the Nexus 7 has a non-slip textured back instead of a slippery aluminum back like the iPad.

Operating System:  I used Apple’s iOS 5 when I had an iPhone and I’m currently using Android 3.2 Gingerbread on my Galaxy Note.  I like using both, but Apple has a better system for getting updates out to all users.  The Nexus 7 that I just ordered comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and since it is coming straight from Google, I’m hoping that I will be able to update the OS each time a new one is released – like Apple devices.

Apps Store:  In order to download apps or even browse Apple’s App Store you have to download iTunes to your computer or you must already own an Apple device that has the App Store on it.  I like to browse an app store before I buy the corresponding device.  If I can’t get the apps I need, I don’t want the device.  For example:  The Blackberry Playbook was an awesome device with a horrible app store.  Fortunately, Apple has a great App Store.  I like Google’s app store, called Google Play, because it is online, you don’t have to download it, and I could check out the app selection before I ordered my Nexus 7.

Apps:  Apple has a larger selection of apps, but I’m happy with the apps offered by Google.  Plus, the Nexus 7 uses Chrome as its browser so I’ll also have access to Chrome’s Web Store with its selection of web apps.

Portability:  I like the 7″ form factor for a tablet.  I had a Blackberry Playbook and I took it with me everywhere.  When I had the iPad, it stayed at home.

Storage:  Neither the Apple iPad, nor the Nexus 7 come with expandable storage.  That’s fine with me.  It keeps the cost down and with all the cloud storage that is available, I don’t need it anyway.

Price:  I had planned on getting a 16GB iPad 2 for $320 – this model is refurbished by Apple and includes a 1 year warranty.  A 16GB Nexus 7 costs $250 and comes with a $25 credit at Google Play.  I ordered the 8GB model for $200 and it also comes with a $25 credit.


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