My Galaxy Note Should Arrive Tomorrow!

I was 100% satisfied with my iPhone 4 until I saw a Galaxy Note last September.  The BIG display and self storing stylus gave me a serious case of gadget fever.  Then I read that Samsung had no plans to release the Note in the US.  That was it.  No more gadget fever.  I was back to being satisfied with my iPhone 4.  Then in December I got ultrabook fever, so I used money I got for Christmas to by a Toshiba z835 (which I’m using to write this post).  I felt guilty for spending so much money on myself, and I even wrote in a blog that there would be no more gadgets for a while (I think I said a year).

Then c|net had to go and report that AT&T would be offering the Note this week.  Instant GADGET FEVER!  Followed by the disappointing news that my contract wasn’t up until June, followed by a call to AT&T to see what the early termination fees would be, followed by rationalizing that this phone is worth the $100 fee on top of the original $300 price tag, followed by ordering a Galaxy Note on Superbowl Sunday, (followed by not liking the Galaxy Note Superbowl ad).

I have a good family.  They accept (but don’t understand) my fascination with with gadgets.  My husband jokes about me using each new device as a tool to research and shop for my next new gadget.  At each unboxing, my oldest daughter reminds me not to throw away any of the packaging…I’ll be needing it shortly when I sell the device on eBay.  My youngest daughter feels that I have an unhealthy addiction to gadgets (and lattes).  I think addiction is too strong  of a word to describe my feelings for gadgets (I am addicted to lattes).  I think of my researching and buying/selling gadgets as a hobby.

Maybe when I retire from teaching I can get a job at a place like Best Buy.  Then I can get my fill of playing with all the latest and greatest gadgets while at work.

But back to the Galaxy Note.  I should get it sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Then I have a three day weekend to play with it and get it set-up the way I like it…In the meantime, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!


One response to “My Galaxy Note Should Arrive Tomorrow!

  • Amanda

    Thank you for your comment on my blog post about the Galaxy Note. I hope you post your impressions about the gadget after you have a chance to play with it this weekend!

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