Am I Crazy for Wanting to Replace My iPad with a Chromebook?


No matter what I happen to be shopping for-car, clothes, gadgets-my options always lack one very small feature that ends up making the item near useless…at least that’s how it seems.

…I’ll find a car I like, but in order to get the one feature that makes that vehicle desirable, you have to buy the super luxury model that is out of my budget.

…I’ll find an article of clothing that I like, but the store won’t have my size.

…I’ll find my dream gadget (iPad 2), and it lacks one, tiny feature (no equation editor). This is only an issue because I’m a math teacher. I thought I had found a way around this problem, but my work around is not practical for a large number of equations in one document.

Here are some of the things I think I would like about a Chromebook:
-Google docs-has an equation editor.
-access to Dropbox.
-instant on.
-free 100MB of 3G per month for 2 years!

The one thing I don’t like:
-can’t edit documents off-line.

Everything that I do on a computer, other than word processing, is on the web.

If you’ve used a Chromebook, let me know what you think.


6 responses to “Am I Crazy for Wanting to Replace My iPad with a Chromebook?

  • thewaffler100

    My response to your title, “Yes, You are out of your mind.” Google Chrome OS is basically just a web browser. If you don’t have a internet connection, your browser is useless. Although there are some offline apps. iPad has more functionally than a chromebook….

    • GadgetStop321

      I’ve been evaluating where and what I use my iPad for. So far 100% of my use has been at my house where I have wifi. I don’t really play games on my iPad. I use it for work-word processing and spreadsheets. I also use it for entertainment-Netflix, catching up on the news, and researching my next gadget! Usually I read books and play games on my phone.

  • Ken Bartos

    They are working on that, in the mean time you can use scratchpad offline.

  • fatcake

    no……’re crazy for other reasons!!! 🙂

  • Grant Virtue (@GrantVirtue)

    I have an iPad (First Generation) and a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. I like them both for different reasons. However when I find both of them most useful is when I am traveling. I have a decent home computer but it is far too large to take with me.

    The thing of it is, though, is that I tend to decide which to bring with me based on the length of the plane ride. If I am traveling to one of the other islands (I am based on the Big Island of Hawaii) I will bring my Chromebook. If I am going somewhere further, say Colorado or Australia, I will bring the iPad.

    I cannot justify sitting down for so long without getting some writing done. After all deadlines must be met and what better time to get some distraction free writing done than in an environment where you are discouraged from even standing, let alone doing anything else. With the Chromebook I just simply have no means of achieving any meaningful level of work on a long plane ride.

    The minute this changes it will be my default travel partner, and I very much look forward to that day.

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