Kindle Fire: Ideal College Textbook?


Will the Kindle Fire be the breakout eTextbook of choice for college students?

Advantages it may have over the Nook Color and iPad:

1. Price-and to think, I was thrilled when it was announced that the Nook Color would be sold for $260. At $199, a student could justify buying the Kindle Fire and a nice laptop.

2. Amazon’s AppStore for Android-The delayed launch of Barnes and Noble’s app store for the Nook, along with it’s limited offering really hurt it.

3. More portable than an iPad.

I would love for my high school students to have something like the Kindle Fire as a textbook. Unfortunately, most of them do not have Internet at home. In addition to that, I don’t think that many of them could handle the responsibility (distraction) of having that level of Internet access at school.

Perhaps if students were introduced to eTextbooks at the right age, they could be taught the self discipline necessary to use them effectively.


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