Tennessee school requires students to carry iPads


Students in grades 4-12 who attend the Webb School of Knoxville, a private boarding school in Tennessee, will be required to carry an iPad to class during the 2012 school year. Students may use an iPad that they already own, purchase an iPad on their own, or lease an iPad through the school. The three year lease will include a 16GB wifi iPad 2 and a 3 year maintenance plan and will cost $230/year. The lease can be paid in a lump sum at the beginning of each year , or in 10 installments per year. At the end of the lease, the iPad belongs to the student.

Webb says that etextbooks will not be available in all classes, but the iPad will be use more as a tool to replace paper and pencil or as a supplement to the traditional text.

I’m looking foreword to following the progress of Webb’s iPad for every student program and Grandview R-2 High School’s Android tablet for every student program.

Here’s how the two program’s compare:
Webb: Private school in Knoxville, TN
Grandview: Public School in Hillsboro, MO

Webb: Adopting 9.7″ Apple iPad
Grandview: Adopting the Coby Kyros 7″ Android tablet (not sure which model)

Webb: Students pay for iPads and apps and the iPad belongs to the student after the 3 year lease
Grandview: The school pays for the Android tablets and apps and the students can purchase their tablet for a discounted price when they graduate

Webb: Not rushing to adopt etextbooks for all classes
Grandview: Appears to be adopting FlexBooks in place of traditional textbooks for core classes

What I like about Webb and Grandview is that they are not only utilizing these tools in the classroom, but giving every student the opportunity to use these tools at home. Webb and Grandview are pioneers with this type of tech in school and I’m anxious to hear about their successes as well as how they deal with problems that arise.

For mor information see:

Webb School of Knoxville iPad Program


Grandview R-2 Android Tablet Program


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