The phone companies ruined my dream gadget…


…by disabling the phone feature! Let me explain: I had been using a “dumb” phone for a couple of years, since my daughter broke my Cingular 8125. She felt terrible, and I decided that having all my gadgets consolidated into one device was too risky. My mother-in-law gave me her old Motorola Razor and I bought a Palm T|X, a Kindle 2, an Apple iPod Nano, and a Sony Cyber-Shot T90. It took all these gadgets to replace my smartphone (I accumulated these over time).

Then in the fall of 2010 I read that Samsung was getting ready to release a 7″ Android Tablet in Europe: The Galaxy Tab. I watched a video ad and was hooked. I had always thought the iPad would be too big for my use. This 7″ tablet seemed perfect:
•Nice styling
•Beautiful, durable, responsive screen
•Android OS and market
•Wifi / 3G connectivity
•Integrated speaker phone

I read every article about the Galaxy Tab, watched every video, and memorized every spec. I was getting one of these! As the Tab was released in Europe and Australia, the prices seemed high compared to the iPad, but you could get it cheaper if you purchased a data contract. The rumor was that all three major US carriers would be selling the Tab.

So, here was my plan:
1) Buy a Galaxy Tab along with voice and data contracts from AT&T.
2) Get a Bluetooth headset or earbuds with a microphone since the Tab only had a speaker phone.

Well, the US phone companies blew my plans out of the water when they decided to disable the phone feature.

When I had my first smartphone, you weren’t required to buy a data plan, so I didn’t. The only reason I considered getting the Tab with a data plan is that I would use it as a smartphone.

To this day, I wonder why the US carriers decided to go that route – the phone is still in there, just disabled!

I ended up getting an iPhone 4 instead, and have been very happy with it…and, last month I bought an iPad 2 ( wifi only).


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