My favorite show!


While browsing Netflix a few nights ago, I came across the 2010 series “Sherlock” from the BBC. I’m a big Arthur Conan Doyle fan – I like the Sherlock Holmes short stories the most. However, no television program or motion picture that I have seen has captured the magic of Doyle’s written words.

Listen to this description of BBC’s Sherlock:
“Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson’s adventures in 21st Century London. A thrilling, funny, fast-paced contemporary remake of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic.”
“The iconic details from Conan Doyle’s original books remain – they live at the same address of 221b Baker Street, have the same names and, somewhere out there, Moriarty is waiting for them.”

If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes or CSI, or any of the contemporary crime dramas, you’ve got to check out this program:  Sherlock


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