How the iPad 2 Stacks Up as a Laptop Replacement


I recently purchased an iPad 2 with the intention of setting it up as a replacement for my netbook. The netbook I have is pretty nice:
1) I upgraded the RAM to 2GB to get a little more speed.
2) I upgraded Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium.
3) I use Dropbox to get document files back and forth to work.
4) I installed MS Office Home and Student 2010 because I’m a math and science teacher and the built-in equation editor is nice.

Here’s how the iPad 2 compares in these areas:
1) The “instant on” feature of the iPad 2 was the main reason I got it. The upgraded A5 processor from the original iPad’s A4 was a nice bonus.
2) I liked Windows 7, but iOS 4 is fine with me. I’ll have to update this review once the school year starts and I’ve used it under actual working conditions.
3) I’ve found a way to send my iWork files to Dropbox, even though that feature is not built into the iWork apps (see previous post).
4) I wish Pages had a built-in equation editor, but it doesn’t. In order to work around this problem, I bought an equation editor called MathBot from the app store. MathBot allows me to create an equation, then save it as an image file that can later be inserted into a Pages document. I’ll also update this review once I’ve used this set-up under actual working conditions.

There is a free version of MathBot available to try. It leaves a watermark on the equations, but you can see if it will meet your needs before you pay for the full version.



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