My Gadget History #15 Apple iPad 2

Earlier this summer I sold my Nook Color Tablet and my old iPod Nano, and I started researching a gadget that could take the place of my Gateway netbook. Currently, I do all my school work on my classroom PC, my netbook, and my iPhone.

The only reason I’m replacing the netbook is that startup and launching apps is so slow. So, here were my criteria:
1) Instant on
2) A word processor that is compatible with MS Word
3) A spreadsheet app that is compatible with MS Excel
4) A word processor with an equation editor
5) Supports Dropbox

My first choice would have been a 11″ refurbished Macbook Air with all the upgrades. But I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $1,160 on a device that would do, essentially what my netbook does, just faster.

Finally, I decided on the 16GB wifi only iPad 2. I know it didn’t meet all my criteria, but I have found some suitable work-arounds (see the next few posts).


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