My Gadget History #14 Barnes&Noble Nook Color

I had been wanting a tablet for a while, but I could’t justify buying an iPad or one of the many Android tablets that were making it to market when they cost more than the netbook I already owned, yet lacked key features.

1) iPad – Too big…I wanted a 7″ tablet; no word processing app with built in equation editor

2) Galaxy Tab – When this 7″ Android tablet came out in Europe, I was so excited…this would be my next gadget. Then I found out that the American carriers would disable the phone capabilities. I grudgingly pay for a monthly data plan for my iPhone…there is no way I’m paying for two data plans. I’m not exagerating, I was heart broke. And like the iPad, it needed a more robust word processor.

I saw an article on cnet about people rooting Nook Colors and ending up with a nice, inexpensive Android tablet. I watched several YouTube videos describing the root process and found one by Huskermania that was detailed enough that I could follow.

With a price tag of $260, I thought the Nook Color was worth a shot. I knew from my research that Google Docs didn’t work on the device, but I asked the Barnes & Noble sales rep anyway…she said, “Yes, it supports Google Docs.” She didn’t have a clue.

The Nook Color became my default web surfing device. After web surfing on an iPhone, the additional screen real estate of the Nook Color was nice. The screen was responsive (though not as responsive as my iPhone).

I rooted it, put the Kindle app on it (I have lots of Kindle books) and started buying and reading Nook books.

After using a Kindle and a Nook, I think the Kindle is the better eReader:
•The Kindle bookstore is much better.
•E-ink is much easier on the eyes.

On the other hand, the Nook Color is a decent, low cost Android tablet:
•Nice design
•More than just an eReader
•Read Nook and Kindle books

The Nook Color was fun, but I needed a more productive device and a 7″ screen isn’t large enough to accommodate a keyboard and the work area.

It was worth the try – I sold the Nook Color on eBay and got just over $200.


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