My Gadget History #13 Apple iPhone 4

When the first iPhones came out, I didn’t think they looked that great. On top of that, they were more of a media consuming device than a productivity device. I didn’t think they fell into the “smart phone” catagory.

By the time I started using the iPod Touch, the app store had grown to include many productivity apps, but the monthly fees kept me away from the iPhone…that is, until the iPhone 4 came out. Once again, Apple won me over with their incredible design. The Retina display is great and the phone itself is beautiful (though with my track record, and a phone made of glass, all that beauty is covered with a case).

I think back to the enjoyment I got out of searching the internet for programs for my various Palm devices, and I see that Apple has perfected that concept with the App Store for iOS devices, and more recently the Macs.


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