My Gadget History #9 Amazon Kindle 2

I came across Amazon’s video ad for the second generation Kindle by accident. I was probably shopping for a book when I saw a picture of the newly redesigned device. The beauty of the Kindle 2 drew me in…I watched the video…then I was hooked! The two things that intrigued me were the free 3G connectivity and having my library with me all the time. After watching every video and studying every spec, I ordered one. It exceded my high expectations:
1) Love e-ink – very easy on the eyes
2) Instant access to the bookstore – anytime…anywhere
3) Affordable new releases – I don’t think I ever paid more than $10 for any book (and I read several of the classics for free)
4) Nice size – I could easily read one handed…leaving a hand free for coffee

Only downside – when you buy a device like this, your paying a high price for e-ink. If you already have a smart phone, you can get the free Kindle app and have most of the Kindle device’s functions…an eReader is just redundant.


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