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My Gadget History #5 Cingular 8125 Smartphone

20110429-080337.jpgI got tired of carrying my Palm device that didn’t fit in my pocket and my big chunky, antique mobile phone that was awkward to carry in a pocket, and I never had my digital camera when I needed it. So I did a little research and discovered Cingular’s smartphone. I LOVED this device. It was the Swiss Army knife of gadgets…I used this phone for years and had no interest in upgrading (the original iPhones did not interest me at all)…until my daughter broke the touch screen (shattered it-looked like she shot it with a BB gun) Everything still worked, except for the touch interface. That made navigating menus a major hassle.


My Gadget History #4 Compaq Presario 2100


My spouse surprised me with this as a gift for no special occasion-it wasn’t my birthday or Christmas. This was the most functional (and expensive) of all my gadgets, so far. I was able to load it up with all the software that I used at school, like test generators and SMART Notebook.

The Presario was also the least portable of my gadgets. It was portable enough to move from my desk to the coffee table or the dining room table, but I never took it to school. We would take it along when we traveled, which was nice.

The Presario was probably the best surprise gift I ever recieved.

My Gadget History #3 3Com Palm V

I left my Palm Personal in the car on a cold day and it was never the same after that. The screen would flicker at inopportune times…therefore, I had to get a Palm V.

Looking back, I put a lot of faith in these little gadgets. I kept track of my students’ grades on a little spreadsheet that I believe was freeware. One of the “inoportune times” mentioned above was when The screen of my original Palm Pilot went crazy the evening before grades were due (back in the old days, when we hand wrote the grades on a paper roster).

I discovered ebooks after I got the Palm V and have loved ereaders ever since.

My Gadget History #2 U.S. Robotics Palm Pilot Personal

I had hours of fun scouring the web for software that I could download to my Palm Pilot that would make me a more efficient teacher.

Then I had to purchase the memory upgrade so that I could download more software.

This was the first gadget that I was truly addicted to. For me, this device was similar to the iPhone (or iPod Touch) in that not only did I get enjoyment from using the little gadget, but I got a tremendous amount of enjoyment from “shopping” for apps, that would give me more opportunities to use the little gadget.

The To Do List was perfect for keeping a shopping list.

My Gadget History #1 ThinkPad 701c

This was my first laptop and I loved it…even though I had to buy an external floppy drive and getting software on it was an ordeal and it barely had enough memory to operate MS Word and Excel.
Actually, the skimpy storage worked to my advantage. There wasn’t enough memory for games, or anything distracting, so the only fun I had with this thing involved writing lesson plans or updating a spreadsheet for calculating grades. I’m not being sarcastic, this was fun.

It was so compact for its time because of its butterfly keyboard that slid out as you opened it-super cool!